10 Types of Cases Covered by Personal Injury Attorneys

There is more to personal injury law than most people think. Lawyers actually handle a wide range of cases where they work to deliver fair compensation to people injured in accidents. The definition of personal injury means that these cases all involve liability and negligence in some way.

Personal injury attorneys most often handle the following 10 types of cases:

  1. Vehicle accidents,
  2. Injuries inflicted by a pet,
  3. Work-related accidents,
  4. Slip and fall cases,
  5. Medical malpractice,
  6. Defamation,
  7. Wrongful death,
  8. Product liability,
  9. Assault and battery,
  10. Emotional distress.

Definition of Personal Injury Cases

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of personal injury cases.

Vehicle Accidents – Car, Truck, Motorcycle

There are an average of 6 million car accidents in the U.S. each year. That’s why collisions are one of the main types of cases which personal injury lawyers address. They also work with plaintiffs who have been involved in trucking and motorcycle crashes.

There are particular laws regarding liability in Ohio. The driver found to be at fault for a collision is responsible for paying for any damages or injury caused. Negligence plays a role in determining fault in vehicle accidents in a number of ways, including:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol,
  • Speeding or recklessness,
  • Distracted driving,
  • Operating an unsafe car or truck,
  • Driver fatigue or lack of sleep,
  • Ignoring traffic signs, and
  • Disobeying safety laws.

While on the road, the law requires that drivers meet the pduty of reasonable care. Anyone who has been injured as a result of someone’s failure to meet this standard should be compensated for through the legal system.

Injuries Inflicted by a Pet

Pet owners are generally responsible for all types of damages or injury caused by the animal. The most common personal injury cases involving pets are dog bites. Attorneys handle dog bite and other pet injury cases by showing that the animal’s behavior was not provoked and that it hurt the plaintiff. In successful cases, compensation covers related treatment, medical expenses, lost wages and pain inflicted on the injured person.

Laws regarding negligence for pet owners vary by state; there is a ‘strict liability’ statute in Ohio for this type of bodily injury.

Work-Related Injuries

When a staff member or employee gets hurt on the job, it may fall under this category of personal injury law. In these cases, the person who files a suit must show how the other person or company is liable. Evidence is used to prove fault, show the extent of the injury and what expenses were incurred because of it. A personal injury lawyer works to recover damages such as related healthcare expenses, lost income, pain and suffering.

Slip and Fall Cases

Often personal injury lawyers are hired to represent someone who was hurt in a ‘slip and fall’ case. These types of cases seek retribution for someone injured while on public or private property. The attorney must first show how the property owner was liable for the safety of people on the property, Then, he or she must demonstrate that the owner was negligent in preventing the bodily injury. Finally, the lawyer can argue that the property owner is responsible for any related monetary damages.

Medical Malpractice

One of the most complex types of cases handled by a personal injury attorney is medical malpractice. For this type of case, the legal team must collect evidence which shows that a doctor, hospital or facility failed to meet the requirement of standard care. A personal injury lawyer must show how healthcare professionals, through a negligence or omission, caused a patient’s injury. For example, medical malpractice may include a misdiagnosis, inappropriate treatment, or errors in aftercare or medical management.

Defamation – Libel & Slander

Libel and slander are forms of defamation which is defined as damaging a person’s reputation. Someone who’s good name, position in society or career has been impaired because of false or slanderous statement can receive monetary retribution. In the average libel or slander case, an attorney works to show that untrue negative statements were made and how they hurt the plaintiff. The defamed person should be awarded compensation for financial loss, lost business opportunities or earning capacity, as well as any treatment expenses for related physical and mental health problems.

Wrongful Death

Nothing can bring a loved one back to life, but wrongful death cases are designed to support families struggling with a loss. If someone’s death was caused by negligence, reckless or deliberate actions, successful wrongful death suits recuperate monetary compensation for surviving family members. Injury attorneys aim to collect damages for lost earnings, family care, prospective inheritance, as well as unnecessary suffering.

Product Liability

Manufacturers are responsible for any damages, injury or loss caused by a defective product. A personal injury attorney is required to prove that a defective product directly inflicted injury or resulted in damages.

Assault & Battery

This type of personal injury case is also referred to as ‘intentional tort.’ Acts of violence or physical attacks should not go unpunished. In addition to possible criminal charges, the perpetrator can be subject to a civil suit. Lawsuits are meant to provide monetary damages for the person who was intentionally harmed by another.

Emotional Distress

This type of personal injury case is less common. It’s another type of intentional tort that affects someone mentally, rather than physically. The plaintiff’s lawyer must show how suffering, harm and emotional distress was caused by another person. Often these cases involve extreme or violent threats.

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