Many people will get into some sort of car accident at least once, if not more times, during their lives. This is a very upsetting and frightening experience. It’s imperative that you know what to do immediately following an accident in order to protect yourself.

What to do when you’re in a car accident.

1. Remain calm and assess any injuries.

It’s important that you don’t panic when you’re in a car accident. Emotions run very high, but you need to remember to calm down. You should check both yourself and any others in the car with you for injuries. If injuries are unclear, call for an ambulance.

2. Stay on the scene, but move cars out of traffic if possible.

It’s important that you pull over and exchange information with any others involved. You should also move cars out of traffic if you are able to and make sure to turn on your hazards to alert other drivers.

3. Be careful what you say to others.

Many people are quick to apologize as a natural reaction as a natural reaction, but this can be a mistake. Show concern, but try not to admit fault outright even if you think it was your fault.

4. Write down important information.

Take pictures and write down important information about injuries, damage, names, license plate numbers and auto registration information.

5. Notify both the police as well as your insurance agent.

Even if the accident isn’t a large one, you should call the police. You may need the report to file a claim. When you talk to the police, make sure just to tell them the facts. You should also call your insurance agent, but you may want to talk to an attorney first, as noted below.

6. Organize all of the information and talk to an attorney.

Make sure to keep all of the accident information together and you may want to talk to an attorney. You need to protect your rights and an attorney can best advise you on statements to your insurance company as well.

When it comes to a car accident, it’s important to know what you should do. Consulting with an attorney is a great early step to make sure that you’re protected as you move forward throughout the process.

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