Why Is Having a Personal Injury Lawyer Important?

Working with a personal injury attorney is the best way to protect your interests if you have experienced an injury or damages. A personal injury law firm provides guidance through the steps you need to take to get fair compensation for the losses you’ve suffered. Consider the following advantages of having your own legal team.

Speed Up the Process

Your legal team is working to move your case forward every day. With a personal injury lawyer, you’ll find insurance companies are less likely to drag their feet and more likely to move forward in settling the case sooner. Having legal representation will motivate the other party to settle the case because it helps minimize their own costs, rather than letting it proceed to court. Most people with medical bills and lost time at work can’t afford to wait years to get compensation.

Calculate the True Value of Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

When you hire a personal injury lawyer, the primary goal is to prove you have a solid case. Yet, determining what type of losses you’ve sustained as a result of that incident can take more time and focus. A personal injury case can include a wide range of losses, including:

  • Medical expenses related to the initial emergency room visit. This may cover losses for testing, exams, x-rays and any surgical procedures required.
  • Ongoing medical costs, such as medical bills from doctors, specialists, chiropractors and physical therapists.
  • Pain and suffering for any trauma caused by the incident.
  • Damages related to the time you lost at work or any lost income and benefits you sustained. This should also calculate the time lost because of court appearances or long-term rehab.
  • Costs related to any property, possessions or vehicle damaged in the accident.

Any type of medical bills you have or any type of treatment you needed as a result of the incident needs to be a component of your claim. Your injury attorney will work to add this up and, ultimately, help you to prove these losses are owed to you.

Build a Strong Case with Clear Evidence

Another component of your attorney’s services will be proving your case. In some cases, it is very clear who caused the damage and who is responsible for it. In others, it may be hard to prove the details, such as proving the treatment you needed was required. It may also be difficult to prove a work-related accident or slip and fall incident caused your losses.

However, your attorney will gather and preserve evidence to help prove your case. This includes witness statements, hospital and doctor statements, and medical expert information. They can even create an accident reconstruction to demonstrate what happened and support your case.

Negotiate a Fair Settlement

Especially in complex cases, such as a slip and fall or a work-related accident, it’s important for your personal injury attorney to get the case to settlement. This means negotiating a fair dollar amount based on the type and amount of losses you’ve incurred as a result of the incident.

While it may seem simple enough to add up your losses and demand a payment, there are many factors that go into proving the actual dollar value of such losses. For example, it becomes essential for your attorneys to use case precedent to prove the value of your pain and suffering. They may also need to negotiate with the insurance company or other party about the value of hard-to-pinpoint losses, such as pain and suffering.

Nevertheless, without an attorney, you’re left to navigate this on your own. In nearly all situations, you’re likely not to get fairly compensated without the type of negotiating skills that experienced attorneys can provide.

Determine When It’s Best to Go to Trial

A settlement is the least expensive and fastest way to get compensation. However, there are times when going to trial is the better option for you. Your personal injury lawyer will work with you to determine if going to trial is best.

This may be due to the type of claim. In some situations, it isn’t possible to come to an agreement with the insurance company about the level of liability involved. In other cases, the insurance company may be dragging out the case for some time, making a lawsuit necessary to move in forward.

Protect Your Interests

When you hire a personal injury attorney, you have a skilled professional working to protect you. To understand this better, think about it in the reverse. The insurance company representing the other party has a high-powered, highly experienced attorney working on their behalf to minimize what they pay out. If you lack strong representation, you could lose your claim. Simple mistakes can be very costly throughout the stages of a personal injury case.

Provide Reliable Legal Advice

When you hire an attorney for personal injury, recognize that his or her experience can help you determine the best route to take. Skilled personal injury attorneys are going to be frank and honest with you about your options, limitations, and even the likeliness of winning your case. This makes a strong legal team an invaluable asset.

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